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RCT offers bus routes all over the Northeast Kingdom and Lamoille Counties. Bus service is an important piece of what we offer at RCT. Riding the bus is also great for the environment, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. 

For example, a passenger car carrying one person emits 89 pounds of CO2 per 100 passenger miles, while a full bus only emits 14 pounds.

A bus uses 8.7% less energy per passenger mile than a typical automobile. Not only is riding the bus helpful by reducing wear and tear on your own vehicle, but it is also helpful in that it reduces the wear and tear on the earth. (source:

RCT is expanding our bus service. We are proud to have recently been awarded grant funds which will allow us to add two electric buses to our fleet.


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Beginning January 1, 2022, time and stop changes will take place in the following routes: 

Please click on the route name to view the changes that have been made.

These changes have been made to better serve the transportation needs of the NEK and Lamoille County.

Please contact RCT with any questions.

What is the most meaningful part of your role as a bus driver?

"The most meaningful part of my job is knowing Iā€™m helping people in the community on a daily basis. I find meeting and interacting with the community to be very enjoyable."

What do you take the most seriously?

"The safety and comfort of my passengers is very important to me. Especially in this time of the pandemic, cleanliness of my vehicle is a number one priority."

What is the most fun?

"I find meeting and interacting with the community to be very enjoyable."