Board of Directors

Rural Community Transportation, Inc. (RCT) has a Board of Directors that meets the second Monday of each month starting at 11:00 AM. The meetings normally rotate between Caledonia, Orleans, and Lamoille Counties.

The Board consists of nine members, five shall be filled by appointments by the Select Boards of the area towns, preferably at least one town member in each of the four counties (Caledonia, Essex, Orleans, and Lamoille) served by RCT, the other four will be at large members; to include 2 regional planning commission members. The officers of the Board shall be President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.

By Laws 

RCT By-Laws

Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas

RCT current Board of Directors

Robert Moore

Interim President / Vice President

Member since 2014

Regional Transportation Planner LCPC
At Large Member, Lamoille County

Linda Lyman


Member since 2018
Member at Large, Caledonia County

Justin (Tin) Barton-Caplin

Member since 2019
Alternate, Orleans County

Jonathan Davis

Member since 2019
Member at Large, Caledonia County

Karen Desrochers

Member since 2021
NEK Council on Aging

Judy Nommik

Member since 2013
Town of Derby

Daniel Sherman

Member since 2021
Caledonia County Alternate

Kenn Stransky

Member since 2021

Emily Rosenbaum

Member since 2021
Lamoille County