Photo of passenger reading RCT route booklet

"This beautiful, rural state can be isolating for more vulnerable community members. RCT bridges our community with transportation from neighbors and friends."

Rides to Wellness Pilot Project

Transportation for Medicaid eligible passengers to Health and wellness appointments, Mental Health appointments, dental appointments, and more.

  • To improve health outcomes for the vulnerable populations that use community health centers.
  • To improve financial performance for health centers, hospitals, and funding programs (such as Medicaid) by reducing missed appointments.
  • To reduce the use of emergency services, thereby saving additional resources.

Rides to Recovery and Job Access

RCT is part of a new pilot program geared for any Vermonter, whether they have Medicaid or not. You can get a ride to a job, a job interview, a recovery center, a counseling session to support recovery, as well as a ride to MAT (Medically Assisted Therapy). RCT recognizes that not all Vermonters have health insurance but still may need to get to appointments that directly affect their wellbeing.

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