The RCT Route System

Beginning on July 6, 2020, GMT is transitioning four routes to RCT: The US2 Commuter, The Morrisville Shopping, the Morrisville Loop, and the Route 100 Commuter. RCT is excited to expand our service area and help more passengers get where they need to go.

RCT’s US2 commuter bus service connects Morrisville and Barre (via VT Route 15 & 14) with transfer connections to Montpelier and St. Johnsbury (via RCT’s & GMT’s existing US2 Commuter route). This route serves the roughly 11,500 residents of Morrisville, Wolcott, Hardwick, Woodbury, East Calais, and East Montpelier.

Connecting service is available to the LINK Express/Burlington, Waterbury Commuter, Barre City Commuter, Hospital Hill routes, and Jay-Lyn Shuttle.

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